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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at

Build Guides and General Acrylic Questions

We are working on making build guides for every style of case for sale on the store. See the links below for a general build guide for your case. Additional case build help is available on the store page for your case. 

If you are confused on what is the Top, Bottom, Accent, Accent Insert, or Feet layers are. These following examples should help clear it up.
Corne Example - OLED Cover Option

40rmie Example - Typical Case with Accent Insert

Mercutio Example - Typical Case with Component Window Cover Insert

All of our laser cut acrylic and switch plates will are cut with a protective masking on each side, and should be removed before case installation. The film help protects while cutting as well as during shipment. 

  • Radiant and most of the Frosted Colors have a clear film on both sides (Note that occasionally there is no film on the frosted side once it's shipped out)
  • Glossy acrylic colors usually have brown paper masking on both sides. 
  • Clear PETG plates have a clear film on both sides, and once removed the material is fully clear. 
  • POM has a white paper masking on both sides. 
  • IMA has a white paper mask on one side and a clear masking on the other. 

PETG is cut and shipped with a clear film on both sides to protect it while cutting and for shipping. Once peeled your PETG will be crystal clear. 

DO NOT use Isopropyl Alcohol, as it will destroy the acrylic finish.

Instead use gentle electronic screen or eyeglasses cleaner and a micro fiber towel. Dish soap and water will work as well. 

All the acrylic gallery images are located here

All the filament color gallery images are located here

All the plate material gallery images are located here

All the bolt hardware color images are located here

While we try to get as many color photos as possible uploaded, newer colors stocked may not have build photos yet. Any photos we have will be posted to these galleries. We highly encourage customers to tag us on Instagram @p3d_store or use the #p3dstore tag to showcase their builds. 

3D Printed Cases

Unfortunately, 3dp cases are unlikely to be offered again

Case files are available here for purchase. Note that not all cases from our catalog are available for purchase. Some are either open source or designed by others.

A revamped case file page is coming soon. 


The latest queue times for made to order items is always up at the top announcement bar for the website. If we ever miss this timeline with your order please reach out to us to make sure your order didn't get missed, mistakes can happen on our end. 

All US orders will ship for free! Free shipping uses the cheapest available shipping between USPS or UPS. If you upgrade to priority shipping we will send your order with priority methods selected, but it does not change your place in the order queue. 

Currently, due to USPS issues there is a $100 minimum order for international orders. We also only ship DHL Express for a $50 flat rate. As the international shipping landscape changes we will update this page. 

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