Artisan Knobs Drop 2

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Introducing Drop 2 of our Artisan Knobs. These rotary encoder knobs are all made in house. We have majorly refined the knob process from the first drop, and are very excited to say these are all A Stock!

  • Current Knob Diameters Available- 18mm, 25mm
  • Knob Height- Approximately 17-18mm (height may vary between these sizes)
  • Knobs feature a 3dp insert sized for common 6mm rotary encoders with a D-Shaft. They do not fit fully rounded encoder shafts. 

    Stay tuned for drops in new colors and sizes, so if the color you see sells out it may never restock, or at least not for a long time until the color comes back into the rotation. We will announce the drops at least a day ahead of time on Instagram and Discord.

        More pictures of the knobs and past knob color collection galleries are available Here

        This sale only includes the artisan knob selected and a 3dp insert pre installed for d-shaft 6mm encoders.

        The knob you select is the knob you will get, these are pre-made and ready to ship. 

        Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns.

        We are open to attempt to color match keysets in bulk qty (>8 knobs). Please contact us at and we will try and find a good color match and provide pricing.

        Knobs are subject to minor swirl marks or other sort of marks. These can be further polished using plastic polish. We use Novus 7100 series polish. The bottom side of the knobs are not hand polished or finished. They are subject to machine marks or other minor imperfections. 

        Knobs denoted as B and C stock are still usable, but will have issues including but not limited to:

        * Off centered shaft bores Tight shaft tolerance (hard to remove or insert on the encoder)

        *Undersized HeightThe lower the grade the more pronounced the issues above may be.