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3d Printer Filament Overstock Sale

Regular price $30.00

We have for sale our overstock of unopened and sealed spools of PLA filament. 

See more pictures of the filament here. 

Contact us for bulk pricing. Pricing shown includes shipping. 

These are all factory sealed, but some may have lost a bit of the seal. They all should print just fine though as they are kept in a sealed dehumidified closet.

  • All the spools are 1kg spools of filament from KVP with a few exceptions listed below. KVP filament is US made and extremely high quality. Normal spools from them are $30 before shipping. 
  • Light Grey Carbon Fiber is from Proto Pasta and a .5KG spool. This is actual carbon fiber and needs a hardened nozzle to print. 
  • Galaxy Black and Galaxy Purple are Prusament from Prusa.
  • Pastel Green is from 3d Fuel and is USA made. 
  • Pastel Lilac, Rose Gold, and Iridescent Pearl are from Atomic and made in the USA as well.  
  • Glitter Frost is from Zyltech. It is recommended to be used with a .6mm nozzle but we've used .4mm nozzles with no issues. 

This filament is all sold as is, and returns are not accepted. These are all overstock and have been in storage for 6+ months. They have been kept in a sealed and dehumidified closet, so they should print just fine. See the manufacturer links above for PLA print settings.