Stock Firmware Downloads

Below are the stock vial or via .hex files for the PCBs we sell. All PCBs we stock are already flashed with VIAL, but below are those files if you ever have to reflash for some reason.

If you have a PCB with one not found here it likely doesn't have a vial .hex and would need to be configured on QMK Configurator and flashed with QMK Toolbox

How to flash RP2040 PCBs on Windows:

  1. Plug the PCB in and make sure your PC recognizes it and is setup.
  2. Hit the reset button.
  3. Unplug the PCB
  4. Hold the boot button when plugging in the PCB. A file explorer window showing a new usb device will open. Drag and drop the new .hex file into the explorer window. The PCB will reboot on it's own and you are good to go and configure in VIAL. 

If you don't have VIAL already you can download the software here which allows for on the fly programming.