Plasticity Build Guide

Below is a build guide for the Plasticity invisibolt case, but this guide is similar to other boards we sell that have holes in the switch plate for securing to the case (Rev 2 Invisibolt Style)

The Cajal PCB used in Plasticity does NOT use a standard daughterboard or JST cable. Do not use any other JST cables unless it has a reversed pinout from the aio3 udb standard. 

Important: This guide assumes you have already installed the plate to the PCB. Don't forget the stabilizers before assembling it up. 

Tools Needed:
  • Small Phillips screwdriver with a PH1 or PH2 driver
  • Flush cutters or scissors
  • Tweezers- for grabbing and positioning gaskets and the double sided tape
  • Glasses cleaner or similar- to help kill static and clean layers right after peeling
  • Clean Microfiber cloth
Helpful Hints and Tricks:
  • Have a nice and clean workspace. The translucent colors love to show all sorts of dust, hair, and other things.
  • Wearing rubber gloves cuts down on fingerprints. Pro tip is to do all the peeling first, then change your gloves so you can clean the layers as you place them.
  • Using glasses cleaner or similar by spraying it on a microfiber cloth and wiping each layer down right after peeling does a great job of killing static and cleaning the layers. Don't use IPA or harsh chemicals it will wreck the acrylic.
  • If your screws are a bit short on the bottom side and you can't screw into the standoffs just give the standoffs a single turn to loosen them and allow them to catch the screws. This is caused by acrylic tolerances being a bit thicker than normal and is not super common.