Acrylic Gasket Case Build Guide

Below is a build guide for the Training Wheel 40 Acrylic Gasket Mount Case featuring the chicago screws. This same build guide should apply to the other gasket mount acrylic cases from us as well. 

Important: This guide assumes you have already soldered the plate to the PCB. Don't forget the stabilizers before soldering up. 

Tools Needed:

  • Slotted or Phillips screwdriver
  • Tweezers- for grabbing and positioning gaskets
  • Rubber gloves- to help avoid finger prints
  • Glasses cleaner or similar- to help kill static and clean layers right after peeling
  • Clean Microfiber cloth

Helpful Hints and Tricks:

  • Have a nice and clean workspace. The translucent colors love to show all sorts of dust, hair, and other things.
  • Wearing rubber gloves cuts down on fingerprints.
  • Using glasses cleaner or similar by spraying it on a microfiber cloth and wiping each layer down right after peeling does a great job of killing static and cleaning the layers.
  • Spraying the gasket foam with some glasses clear or similar helps keep static down and helps them stick to the plate a little better when positioning gaskets.