Plasticity PCB Only

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These are extras PCBs from the Plasticity Group Buy

Available PCBs

  • Stagger PCB that is hot swap except for the rotary encoder
  • Ortho PCB that requires switch and encoder soldering
  • Plasticity Daughterboard replacement. This is a modified universal daughterboard and doesn't have the same footprint of the C3 or C4.

Quantities are limited and these will not be restocked. 

  • All PCBs include a JST cable that is reversed from the Universal Daughterboard Standard to allow it to work with Universal Daughterboards.
  • Knobs and rotary encoders are available here
  • Plates are available here.

The PCBs are not pre-flashed and will need to be flashed with QMK or our Vial .hex here

Only use reversed polarity cables included or there is risk of damaging the PCB

All PCBs are in stock (Unless in Group Buy or Pre Order Status) and pre flashed with a default firmware. Please test your PCBs before assembly.

The firmware .hex files can be found here if you need to reflash at all.

Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns

General PCB Info:
* Hot-Swap Staggered Layout (rotary encoder needs soldering)
* Solder Ortho Layout (only switches and encoder need soldering)
* Black Soldermask with White Silkscreen
* C3 Unified Daughterboard
* USB type-c and ESD protection
* RGB Underglow
* NOT pre-flashed, see our firmware page for Vial Firmware.

What is required but NOT included for a finished build
* USB Type-C cable
* MX style switches and keycaps
* Screw in or snap in PCB Mount Stabilizers (plate mount not supported)