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We have a PCB revision using a new MCU coming within the next 1-2 months, so hang tight until we can restock these. 

We are excited to introduce Minisub. Originally designed by Rain, it has received some small tweaks and has a host of features to get you a great hot swap minivan layout PCB.

Notable PCB Additions: 

  • Better secured USB port
  • RGB Underglow

These PCBs are also drop in compatible with all minivan cases, just make sure you are using a switch plate with a compatible layout. 

If you are looking for a case to pair with it there is is an invisibolt acrylic case as well as the older style acrylic case. If added during the case selection PCBs are $10 cheaper than ordering from the PCB only page. 

    All PCBs are in stock (Unless in Group Buy or Pre Order Status) and pre flashed with a default firmware. Please test your PCBs before assembly.

    The firmware .hex files can be found here if you need to reflash at all.

    Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns

    * Standard 1.6mm thick PCB.
    * White Soldermask with Black Silkscreen
    * Assembled PCB (No SMD soldering needed)
    * Hot Swap sockets (No switch soldering needed)
    * RGB Underglow
    * Full Vial Support, and is flashed with a Vial compatible firmware from us.
    * USB-C