Milled Acrylic Desk Tray

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    We are excited to introduce our second in-house machined project, the milled acrylic desk tray. This project utilizes our CNC router for milling the tray and our laser cutter for the fully customizable cork liner.

    This desktop or shelf storage option showcases your favorites of your collection while keeping them easy to find and safe from rolling around. The tray features a fully customizable with engraving cork liner, silicone feet, and a filleted bottom inner edge of the tray to make it easier to grab difficult objects like small screws out.

    The tray shown here has the cork option with no engraving, but we also have free cork engraving options for a logo or artwork on the cork. 

    Box Specifications:

    • Overall Box Size: 150mm x 150mm x 19mm
    • Tray Dimensions: 130mm x 130mm x 13mm with filleted bottom edges to make sure screws or small things are easier to snag out. 

    - Bead Blasted Milled Acrylic Tray
    - Laser cut and engraved (if added) cork liner
    - Silicone strip feet

    - These trays are milled entirely in house. Our CNC router is primarily made for 2d style cutting such as our plates. We are trying our best to maximize our machining, but we are not perfect. There may be small machine marks present on the bottom or sides.

    - The cases are bead blasted for a consistent finish.

    - The adhesive backed cork is installed before we ship the tray.

    - These are made to order, see the link at the top of the website header for current box production timelines. This tray will adhere to the CNC production timelines, not the laser cut case timelines.