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Special Promo: $10 off a 40rmie PCB when added with a case. Code is applied automatically at checkout.

These are extras from the group buy and stock is limited. These are ready to ship, with add-ons

Introducing the long awaited premium metal version of 40rmie. Designed by Mascis Designs, 40rmie is a premium yet simple 2 part milled aluminum case that features thick 3mm gaskets on the top and bottom of the PCB to offer a unique feel and sound. 

With the release of 40rmie LX we also have a new PCB revision from Kuro that offers RGB underglow for the grill accent area, as well as fixing a few quality of life issues from past revisions. 

This case is compatible with all past 40rmie PCBs so a PCB is Not included by default, and must be added on during the optional add-on selections.

          General Case Info:

          • Available Colors (Links to the cerakote color galleries below)
            • Black Anodization
            • 1 of the following custom cerakote boards (ready to ship)
            • Custom Cerakote is available under Optional Add-Ons and starts at $100 for single colors, and increasing from there for additional colors or special finishes. Please reach out for pricing on a certain color combo, if not we will contact you after your order.
          • There are 4 different top configurations available:
            • Nav Cluster Top
            • Big 38mm Knob Top
            • Standard (No Blockers) Bottom Row
            • 1u WKL Blockers Bottom Row
              • Note: The 7u big bar layout is not compatible with this layout.
          • A plate is not included by default due to the PCB mount style, but we have multiple plate materials in a myriad of colors and finishes available to add on. More details are below under Optional Add-Ons.
            • A milky white acrylic diffuser is included by default, however there are multiple other colors and materials available with more details below under Optional Add-Ons.
              • The case features a 4° typing angle and a front height of 20mm at the tall part of the angled lip closer to the keycaps.
              • Both Cork and Gasket feet are included.

              Optional Add-Ons:

              • 40rmie PCB- $40
              • 15mm Rotary Encoders and 38mm knobs are available here.
              • All our plate materials are available.
              • 3/16" (4.75mm) Milled plates are also available.
                • Plate Foam is not compatible with the thick plates
              • Plate EVA foam- $10
              • Case EVA foam- $10
              • In addition to the included acrylic milky white diffuser, there are multiple accent inserts available:
                • Brass (Raw Bead Blasted)-$10
                • Stainless Steel (Raw Bead Blasted)-$10
                • Multipack of 1.6m IMA in all our colors listed below (Gallery)- $20
                  • Colors include- Black, White, Graphite, Gold, Copper, Green, Purple, Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Light Blue. 

              Please contact us for final pricing for custom cerakote or color questions.

              Additional Cerakote Color photos are here

              Cerakote Quality Standards and Expectations: Cerakote is a ceramic coating, and has a very unique texture (like a ceramic). We do all the Cerakote in house, and as much as we would love for every board to be perfect, no kit can be 100% flawless due to coating process.

              There may be small grains under the surface of the cerakote and the internal surfaces may be more coarse than external surfaces.


              40rmie PCB (if added)

              * Black soldermask and white silkscreen

              * USB-C

              * Only soldering required is switches and rotary encoders if applicable

              * Flashed with a default VIAL layout and tested before shipping.

              *RGB LEDs assembled by default that backlight the grill area.

              * Layout and RGB can be fully plug and play configured using VIAL.

              What is required but NOT included for a finished build

              * USB Type-C cable

              * MX style switches and keycaps

              * Screw in or snap in PCB Mount Stabilizers (plate mount not supported)

              This sale Includes the Following:
              * 40rmie PCB (if added)
              * Switch Plate (if added)
              * 8xm3 hex button head black screws for the bottom and 2 silver stainless m1.6 screws to hold the accent insert on internally. Hex drivers are also included.
              * Aluminum case, selected Accent Insert, Laser Cut Gasket Feet, and Case Hardware

              This sale only includes the PCB or plate if they are added during the optional add-ons.

              The sale includes a case, and case hardware by default All other components need to be sourced from other vendors. 

              Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns.