Milled Acrylic Artisan Box and Tray Combo

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    This milled acrylic 5x5 artisan Box features a bonus, it also includes a parts tray and pen slot. This project utilizes our CNC router for milling the box and lid, and our laser cutter for the fully customizable cork and cork engraving.

    This desktop or shelf storage option showcases your favorites of your collection, and features a fully customizable badge, faux leather lid pull tab, silicone feet, and a polycarbonate lid with a snug fit to keep your artisans safe from UV damage.

    Box Configurations Available:

    • Customizable cork engraving
    • The faux leather lid tag is available in Bay Brown or Black, along with customizable engraving. 
    • Topre options available. This adds round cutouts in each grid to let Topre artisans sit properly in the box. 

    See our stock acrylic gallery here for all the badge color options!

    • The faux leather lid tag is available in Bay Brown or Black

    Box Specifications (Please Check Keycap Height Clearance):

    • The keycap slots feature 18.2mm keycap height clearance and 20mm x 20mm grid sizes. 
    • Overall Box Size: 286mm x 120mm x 22.9mm

    - Bead Blasted Milled Acrylic Box and Configured Customizations
    - Milled 1.6mm PC Lid
    - Silicone strip feet
    - Set of stands to angle the box

    - These artisan boxes are milled entirely in house. Our CNC router is primarily made for 2d style cutting such as our plates. We are trying our best to maximize our machining, but we are not perfect. There may be small chips or machine marks inside the box in the grid area.

    - The cases are bead blasted for a consistent finish.

    - The badges are press fit and there is a hole milled from the bottom to poke the badge out with a 3mm or smaller hex wrench or similar to help swap badges.

    - These are made to order, see the link at the top of the website header for current box production timelines. This box will adhere to the CNC production timelines, not the laser cut case timelines.