Mercutio Invisibolt Case

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Introducing our invisibolt case for the Mercutio 40% DIY kit from Mechwild. This case incorporates the stock switch plate and screws from the original kit so there is no need to desolder to use this case. We include extra 8mm standoffs to mount the kit to the bottom acrylic layer. You just need to swap out our 8mm standoffs with the stock ones included from Mechwild. 

  • A laser cut switch plate and plate foam is available as an add-on, but is not required to use the case due to the case using the stock switch plate and hardware from Mechwild. 
  • There are two top bezel layouts:
    • 20mm knob cutout (As Shown)
    • MX Cutout
  • Additional acrylic window insert colors available. 
  • The case features a 4° typing angle with the feet.
  • Additional knob and encoder options can be found here 
  • Only silver screws are included. The case uses m2x5 and m2x12 screws if you would like to find other colors elsewhere. 
  • The build shown here is OSA Sleeves paired with a Frosted Grey case with Beige Top, Coral Top Accent, and Mint Bottom Accent Layers. The acrylic window insert is Glass Green.

    Additional in stock acrylic color photos are here.

    Additional switch plate color photos are here

    Build Guides

    Note: Case Assembly adds additional time for production. Timelines are here.

    If case assembly is added, we will peel all the acrylic, install the adhesive strips and gaskets, and screw the case together. All that has to be done on your end is soldering (unless the PCB is hot swap) up the switch plate to the PCB and unscrewing the case bottom to drop it all into the case. 

    This is a general overview of all of our cases:

    This sale only includes the case, case hardware, and universal 36mm x 6mm x 1.5mm silicone feet. Addtional options are available as add-ons but are only included if they are selected. All other components need to be sourced from other vendors. 

    All cases are made to order. The latest timelines are updated here.

    Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns