Fruitbar R2 Budget Skeleton Case and PCB Group Buy

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Welcome to Fruitbar Round 2, the long awaited successor to one of the most popular introductions to 40s keyboards!

Fruitbar is here to make the introduction to 40% keyboards as smooth as possible, and Round 2 improves on almost every aspect over the original round from Fruitykeeb.

Some of the improvements for Round 2 are:

  • Stacked Acrylic Cases- We partnered with Fruit to offer a pair of special edition Invisibolt Acrylic Cases available here.
  • Better Layout Supports- Supported layouts have been expanded to include better bottom row and split spacebar options - Stepped Caps lock, and improved ISO compatibility Integrated PCB Construction! - Moving to the RP2040 microcontroller, soldering and assembling your Fruitbar is easier than ever and takes less than half the time as Round 1
  • International Vendors- International shipping is always a pain, and while we aren't able to solve this for everyone, we've done our best to bring on vendors for the major regions from R1
    • Piit with will be the European Vendor
    • Antstar with will be the Australian Vendor
    • We are the North America / Rest of World Vendor

General Case Details:

  • This case features a top and bottom white FR4 sandwich design. 
  • The case uses the same switch plate as the invisibolt acyrlic case version located here
  • Only silver screws are included. The case uses m2x6 screws if you would like to find other colors elsewhere. 
  • The product pictures show the case made from white IMA, the final skeleton case will be made from white FR4.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • EVA Plate Foam: $10
  • EVA Case Foam: $10
  • Extra PCBs: $40
  • Upgraded Switch Plates: Starting at $15 with tons of materials available. 
  • Rotary Encoder Add-Ons: $3 with Detented or Smooth options
  • OLED Screen Add-On: $5
  • Knob Add-Ons 
    • Black anodized milled aluminum knob: $10
    • Milled Resin Knobs: $30 (Additional Pictures Here)
      • Abalone Colorway
      • Blush Colorway
      • Pastel Dreams Colorway
      • Peacock Colorway
      • Starry Night Colorway
      • Solid White

    Additional in stock acrylic color photos are here.

    Additional switch plate color photos are here

    Build Guide

    General PCB Info:
    * Standard 1.6mm thick PCB.
    * Red Soldermask with White Silkscreen
    * Assembled PCB (No SMD soldering needed)
    * Full Vial Support, and is flashed with a Vial compatible firmware from us.
    * USB-C
    * Optional OLED screen add-on
    * Optional Rotary Encoder spots

    What is required but NOT included for a finished build
    * USB Type-C cable
    * MX style switches and keycaps
    * Screw in or snap in PCB Mount Stabilizers (plate mount not supported)

    If case assembly is added, we will peel all the acrylic, install the adhesive strips and gaskets, and screw the case together. All that has to be done on your end is adding your switches to the PCB and unscrewing the case bottom to drop it all into the case. 

    GB will run February 1st at 9am CST to March 3rd at 11:59 CST.
    Orders are set to ship 2-3 months once the GB ends. Order changes may not be possible once submitted.

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    There are no refunds or cancellations on these orders once the GB period ends.
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