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Laser and CNC Cut Switch Plates

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Additional switch plate material and color photos are here.

This listing is for laser and CNC cut switch plates. Choose between lists of our cases for compatible plates or other community plates.  Custom plate upload options are also available! All plates are made to order and all have been properly kerf corrected to allow for switches to clip in perfectly. 

All plates located in the P3D Case drop downs are guaranteed fitment. All other cases are using outside open source files, and may or may not be 100% accurate. If in doubt use the custom plate file upload. All plates are MX switch only unless otherwise stated.

When submitting files, please ensure that the files have no pre applied kerf correction as it will effect the final plate fitment. Step files are preferred. Any flex cuts must be greater than 1.8mm wide or they will not be cut. 

Below are the materials available for laser cut plates:

  • 1.6mm Clear PETG
  • 1.6mm Impact Modified Acrylic (IMA) in Multiple Colors

Below are the materials available for CNC cut plates:

  • 1.6mm Opaque White POM 
  • 1.6mm Opaque Black POM
  • 1.6mm Opaque Purple POM 
  • 1.6mm Semi Translucent Polypropylene (PP)
  • 1.6mm Clear Polycarbonate (PC)

General Plate Material Info: 

  • PETG is a very flexible material, and is stock with a plastic film masking on both sides. Once peeled off the plate will be clear.
  • Impact Modified Acrylic (IMA) is a very flexible material similar to PETG. It will not crack like normal acrylic plates unless folded well beyond usual limits. IMA ships with a clear mask on one side and a white masking on the other side. 
  • POM is a flexy material, but not as flexible as PETG or IMA. There may be small  surface micro scratches from the shipping and cutting process because they are not masked from the factory. 
  • Polycarbonate (PC) is fairly stiff plastic that is CNC cut. Clear PC ships with a plastic film masking on both sides. 
  • Polypropylene (PP) is a flexy plastic that is just a bit stiffer than IMA and PETG, and offers a unique sound as well. PP is Semi Translucent and ships with no masking material on it. 

All plates are MX switch only unless otherwise stated.