Metal Knobs (19mm, 25mm, 38mm)

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Introducing our milled metal knobs. These rotary encoder knobs are available in multiple sizes.

All Knobs General Info:

  • 17.5mm tall and offer height adjustability due to the set screw and clearance cutout on the underside.
  • Fits all 6mm D-shaft and round rotary encoders
  • Includes black m3 set screw and hex key

Aluminum Knob Details and Sizes Available:

  • 19mm Diameter Black Anodized
  • 25mm Diameter Black Anodized
  • 38mm Diameter Black Anodized

      Quality Disclaimer:

      *No scratches on exposed / user facing parts of the knob
      Possible machining marks / scratches on the inside of the knob/ pieces not exposed to the user. This includes scratches arising from anodization or the cerakote process.
      *Set screw is NOT anodized or cerakoted.

      Additional Cerakote Color photos are here

      All Knob Cerakoting is made to order. Look here for the latest Cerakote production lead times.

      If Cerakote is added on we will contact you after the order to finalize colors and configurations.

      Cerakote Quality Standards and Expectations: Cerakote is a ceramic coating, and has a very unique texture (like a ceramic). We do all the Cerakote in house, and as much as we would love for every knob to be perfect, no knob can always be 100% flawless due to coating process.

      There may be small grains under the surface of the cerakote and the internal surfaces may be more coarse than external surfaces.