Hubris Case and Minisub PCB

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Introducing the second round of Hubris. Designed by Rain, Hubris is a premium yet simple 2 part milled aluminum case that features support for all minivans that have the standard USB port location. These are GB extras and in stock. Allow our standard time for any add-on cutting or cerakote. 

This case is only compatible with Coriander mount switch plates.

        General Case Info:

        • This case features a simple aluminum 2 piece design with a switch plate top mount setup. The case does not have any bottom engraving by default.
        • The case uses a Coriander style plate. More information on plate layouts is available here at the trash man wiki.
        • Available Colors (Links to the cerakote color galleries below)
          • Black Anodization
          • Custom Cerakote starting at $50 for single colors, and increasing from there for additional colors or special finishes. We will reach out after the order to finalize color selection and pricing. 
        • Both Standard and limited HHKB tops are available. 
          • The case features a 5° typing angle and a front height of 20mm.
          • Includes 10 m2.5 black screws. 
          • Silicone feet are included.

          Optional Add-Ons:

          • Minisub PCB- $40 
          • All our plates materials are available.
            • Note: Thick plates are not compatible with plate foam. 
          • Plate EVA foam- $10
          • Case EVA foam- $10
          • Bottom Laser Engraving- Starting at $30 
            • Engraving over cerakote is down to raw aluminum and is a grey color
            • Engraving over anodizing is a whiter finish.

              If Cerakote is added on we will contact you after your order to determine color configurations.

              Additional Cerakote Color photos are here

              Cerakote Quality Standards and Expectations: Cerakote is a ceramic coating, and has a very unique texture (like a ceramic). We do all the Cerakote in house, and as much as we would love for every board to be perfect, no kit can be 100% flawless due to coating process.

              There may be small grains under the surface of the cerakote and the internal surfaces may be more coarse than external surfaces.


              Minisub PCB (if added)
              * Standard 1.6mm thick PCB.
              * White Soldermask with Black Silkscreen
              * Assembled PCB (No SMD soldering needed)
              * Hot Swap sockets (No switch soldering needed)
              * RGB Underglow
              * Full Vial Support, and is flashed with a Vial compatible firmware from us.
              * USB-C

              This sale Includes the Following:
              * Minisub PCB (if added)
              * Switch Plate (if added)
              * Aluminum case, cork feet, and case hardware

              This sale only includes the PCB and plate (If Added), case, and case hardware. All other components need to be sourced from other vendors. 

              Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns.

              Case Color Black Anodized