Prime_E Acrylic Gasket Mount Keyboard Case

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This laser cut acrylic case design is for the Prime_E Rev 2/3 PCB by Primekb. The design is our take on the Nabi design by Francis Usher. This case has been updated to an O-Ring gasket mount version which uses standard plate thickness, so it avoids stabilizer issues. The case design is also moved to a chicago bolt which makes installation much easier vs the old m2 screw/standoffs assembly. 

  • The case is not compatible with the older rev1 rectangular PCB.
  • The case uses a plate designed specifically for this case. You can substitute with other 1.6mm thick options if our plate materials aren't your style. The plate files are available by request.
  • The case features semi hard O-Rings on the top and bottom of the plate to keep the plate nice and secure, as well as helping damping. 
  • The case features a 5° typing angle with the feet.
  • The case includes 3 LED Light Pipes to direct the PCB indicator LEDs to the top of the case. (Make sure not to drop these on carpet they are impossible to find after.) Note: Tolerances on the light pipes vary, and they are not guaranteed to fit. We will include a few extras to try out but they may need light sanding.
  • Frosted Mango acrylic, Grey Hardware, and DSA Bountyhunter SR. is shown on the product pics. 

    Additional in stock acrylic color photos are here.

    Additional case hardware color photos are here.

    Additional switch plate color photos are here.

    Build Guide and Layer Selection Help

    This sale only includes the case, case hardware, and universal 36mm x 6mm x 1.5mm silicone feet. Addtional options are available as add-ons but are only included if they are selected. All other components need to be sourced from other vendors. 

    All cases are made to order. The latest timelines are updated here.

    Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns