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Karina (Extras Coming Soon)

Regular price $140.00

The Karina is a 35% keyboard meant to use as little keys as possible while still keeping a practical amount of functionality for those who aren't used to typing on 40% boards.

For additional info and discussion please check out the Geekhack Page or the channel in the 40% discord.

This sale Includes the Following:

  • Assembled PCB (only switches need to be soldered) 
    • Note: The green PCB in the photos is the prototype, and final version will be purple solder mask. See the render here.
  • FR4 split spacebar layout plate included.
    • Acrylic or POM Plate options are available as add-ons in both split space and full 6.25u spacebar configurations
  • 2 detented encoders and 20mm diameter Black Knobs (as pictured)
  • 3d printed case in your color choice and the hardware for case installation.
    • Note: Smaller round silicone bumpers are included instead of the ones shown on the prototype.
  • Laser cut acrylic case bottom in your color choice.
  • Laser cut frosted clear led diffuser.

General product Info:

  • Full QMK Support. Link here to the configurator
  • USB-C
  • 19-bit RGBLED bar
  • FR4 Plate included with split space or 6.25u spacebar options (requires additional plate add-on)
  • 0 degree typing angle flat bottom case

What is required but NOT included for a finished build

  • USB Type-C cable
  • MX style switches and keycaps
  • Screw in or snap in PCB Mount Stabilizers (plate mount not supported)