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_33 PCB and 3DP Keyboard Case

Regular price $55.00

This sale is for the unique _33 Keyboard.  the PCB and FR4 plates are extras from the group buy and stock is limited.

The _33 (read as “Underscore 33”) is a petite ortholinear 30% board designed by tominabox1. This little keyboard will give you an opportunity to stretch your legs with QMK, and unlock the firmware’s true potential! The pre-flashed default firmware features combos, mod taps, and layer taps, giving you access to everything you need at your fingertips. Rev2 of this board introduces VIA compatibility and a much improved bottom row design that is base kit compatible!

For additional info and discussion please check out the Geekhack Page or the channel in the 40% Discord.

The 3D printed case is available as an add-on and features a 4 degree typing angle. A 3d printed case is required to use the PCB, and files are located here if you want to print your own case.

  • 3dp Case Bottom is Not Included. When ordering please select an acrylic color for the bottom. 

General PCB Info:

  • USB-C
  • Only soldering required is switches and diodes. Kit comes with SMD and through hole diodes to suit your preference.
  • ISO, Split Shift, and Split Spacebar Compatibility
  • Full VIA and QMK Support, including ability to easily program in QMK Configurator
  • Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns

PCB General Info:

  • PCB features USB-C
  • Only soldering required is your preferred switches. Don’t forget to source pcb mount stabilizers for your bottom row layout. 6.25u spacebar stabilizer for full space or 2 x 2u stabilizers for the split space layout.
  • Features a new split spacebar design and base keycap kit compatibility
  • Full VIA and QMK Support.
  • Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns.

What is required but NOT Included for a finished build:

  • USB Type-C cable
  • MX style switches and keycaps
  • Screw in or snap in PCB Mount Stabilizers (plate mount not supported)
  • Soldering Iron for assembly of switches and diodes

General Keyboard Case Product Info:

  • This sale only includes the case and case hardware. All other components need to be sourced from other vendors. 
  • All cases are made to order.
  • See main website announcement bar for latest new order shipping times.
  • Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns.